Additional Resources: Participatory Action Research

  • The website of the Participatory Action Research Collective at the City University of New York Graduate Center. Also see for a detailed description of a particular project.
  • The publications of the International Development Resource Centre are available for download or purchase. See, in particular, Ronnie Vernooy, Seeds that Give: Participatory Plant Breeding; Marisol Estrella et al., eds., Learning from Change: Issues and Experiences in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation; and Julian Gonsalves et al., eds., Participatory Research and Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management: A Sourcebook.
  • The Institute of Development Studies has pioneered PAR methods in international development. See, in particular, under Publications, Marisol Estrella and John Gaventa, Who Counts Reality? Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation: A Literature Review; and Irene Guijt, Critical Readings on Assessing and Learning for Social Change. A Review.
  • A participatory, outcomes-based evaluation approach, Success Measures offers a set of core indicators and data collection tools for measuring community development outcomes.
  • Youth in Focus trains underrepresented youth and adult allies in youth-led action research, evaluation, and planning.

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