About the Website

Candid Learning for Funders is the new home of GrantCraft. The site receives visits from 130 countries spanning the foundation, nonprofit, academic, media, government, and business sectors. The rebranded site leverages the GrantCraft site design, which was created as a result of extensive user input, including a user survey, interviews, and a formal discovery process to explore questions around the site’s audience, function, content, curation, and community. The goals of the new site are to bring you more accessible, easy-to-find, content that better aligns with Candid’s overall resources and mission.

We inventoried all of our content and organized them according to three primary categories:

Strategies: Lenses through which funders frame and think about their work

Issues: Specific problems funders may look to address and improve in their communities

Content Types: The resource formats that we support through our site to present useful information in whatever way you learn best

Our top level menu allows you to search by any of these, and/or by keywords.


You can narrow or broaden your search by adding and removing filters from these categories, and also adjust for experience level and non-English languages.

One more point to note about the website: it’s responsive, so you can use it on your tablets and cell phones with ease.

This new platform is the beginning of a renewed and connected global community of learning. Enjoy exploring!