How to Staff a PRI Team

  1. Look inside the foundation - Members of the finance team, given their investment experience and finance background, are probably in a good position to understand PRI transactions. Likewise, foundation counsel can help place the deal within relevant tax law and payout guidelines. Staff are usually happy to help - they don’t see getting involved with a PRI as, Oh no, one more thing I have to do.’ It’s a job enhancement for them.
  2. Train staff as investors - One former program officer who now handles PRIs for her foundation, advocated for program staff to manage PRIs saying, "PRI makers need the ability to see investment opportunities and understand the function of investment capital in social change. The ‘art’ of making PRIs builds on the well-honed skill typically found in program staff that allows them to see the bigger organizational picture and find a philanthropic opportunity. PRIs use finance to promote the opportunity.”

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