Open for good – Voices from the field

This compendium captures the wisdom shared from the many authors who contributed to our Open for Good blog series between 2017-2019. This collection of voices, representing "knowledge sharing champions" from across the field, explores tools, practices, and examples showing how foundations are opening up about what they are learning for the benefit of the philanthropic sector, and for the greater good.

The Open For Good campaign was generously funded by the Fund for Shared Insight.


Janet Camarena, Aaron Lester, Rebekah Levin, Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen, Mandy Flores-Witte, Mandy Ellerton, Molly Matheson Gruen, Jennifer Glickman, Gabriela Fitz, Tom Kelly, Veronica Olazabal, Shawna Hoffman, Nadia Asgaraly, Hanh Cao Yu, Edward Pauly, Lisa Brooks, Lacey Althouse, Kristy Tsadick, Heath Wickline, Hope Lyons, Ari Klickstein, Chantell Johnson, Clare Nolan, Daniela Pineda, Melissa Moy, Kim Ammann Howard, Yvonne Belanger, Craig Connelly, Lee Alexander Risby, Savi Mull



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