Kenya Data Strategy and Capacity Building: Data Scoping Meeting

Kenya has undertaken much work to date on data and knowledge issues, and hasadvanced this through the Kenya Data Forum—a national initiative managed by the DeputyPresident’s office that aims to develop and implement a long term sustainable localdata strategy. Kenya, however, lacks an organized framework for collecting reliable andcomparable data on philanthropy in the country; to help meet this need, the PhilanthropySector in Kenya has come together over the decades through the creation of the East AfricaAssociation of Grantmakers (EAAG) and more recently the Kenya Philanthropy Forum (KPF)and its Data Sub-group. In June 2015 the KPF organized a Philanthropy Data Managementconvening that brought together over 30 foundations and trusts to explore opportunities forstrengthening data collection, management, and sharing data in the philanthropy forum forgreater impact and influence on national development efforts in Kenya. As a result, certainoutcomes and aspirations were agreed upon. They included: Establishing the principles for data management for philanthropy. Expanding the forum so that participation reflects the size and diversity of existing forms of philanthropy. Developing a standardized tool for data collection. Actively engaging in the existing philanthropy data initiative. Partnering with the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) to establish data sets that effectively capture the contribution of philanthropy in Kenya’s development. The June 2015 meeting highlighted the urgent need for philanthropic data and that “Kenya lacks an organized framework for collecting reliable and comparable data on philanthropy in the country.” To begin systematically addressing these recommendations, Foundation Center(a philanthropic support organisation based in New York) designed a multi-stage DataStrategy and Capacity Building Program, working in partnership with KPF, EAAG, KenyaCommunity Development Foundation (KCDF), and the Sustainable Development GoalsPhilanthropy Platform (SDGPP). This initiative was kicked off at a special “Data ScopingMeeting” of the KPF on 28 April 2016, attended by a total of 51 participants representing across section of Kenyan foundations, trusts, and support organisations.As reflected in the meeting agenda (see Appendix A), the objectives of the Data ScopingMeeting were as follows:1. Establish principles for collaborative data and knowledge management2. Understand the core data needs of philanthropy in Kenya3. Leverage available technologies for collecting and sharing data and knowledge4. Leverage global knowledge for local purposes5. Identify data challenges and set local goals This report summarizes the outcomes of the Data Scoping Meeting and outlines next stepsin preparation for a follow-up meeting on Data Capacity Building in the coming months.


Foundation Center, Kenya Philanthropy Forum, The