Overheard: Julian Corner on Philanthropy's Changing Landscape

"Pre-2008 the government had a lot of money to spend, which meant it could drive at social results which it could achieve within the length of a parliament. The model was to identify evidence-based practice and roll it out quickly. Foundations were part of the delivery chain. Now the model is bust because the money has gone. The 'what works' agenda no longer works – if it ever did. Rather, we need problem solving, and long-term, sophisticated models. Foundations have to take a step back and ask themselves if they want to be a part of it any more."

-- Julian Corner, CEO, Lankelly Chase Foundation, at the Alliance Breakfast Club held in London last summer.

Corner was joined by many other panelists during the July 25 conversation including Bharat Mehta, the Chief Executive of Trust for London, and Anthony Tomei, former director of the Nuffield Foundation and trustee of the Bell Foundation. Read the related Alliance article by Caroline Hartnell recapping the club's debate about how philanthropy has changed in recent years in the United Kingdom.

[Editor's Note: We had this queued up months ago and it never posted; although it's late, it's still a very timely conversation.]


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