GrantCraft: Going Global

I'm really pleased to report that GrantCraft is going global and doing it the only way that’s possible – by working at the local level with experienced grantmakers around the world. Fellow grantmakers Brad Smith from the Foundation Center and Gerry Salole from the European Foundation Centre will help guide GrantCraft’s future. They'll tell you more about how they plan to continue our ten-year tradition of sharing practical wisdom from practitioners — and also their ideas for taking the work to a new level with new topics and a broader reach to foundations and donors in other countries. I am very excited about this change for several reasons:

  • You’ll continue to benefit from GrantCraft’s core concept that the people closest to the work know how to do it best. Brad and Gerry have worked inside a variety of foundations and now head organizations committed to collecting knowledge from practitioners. As before, you’ll find the best thinking about the practice of grantmaking at this web site.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to learn more from funders in different contexts. The Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre are going global. That means more information and practices that can be emulated in all directions.
  • You’ll benefit from new leadership for the project. While I’ve loved creating and growing GrantCraft, I'm pleased to pass the baton to a new team with fresh eyes and new networks and ideas.

I plan on being of assistance during this transition period while my colleagues are searching for a director in the U.S. and a director in Brussels. Take a look at the job descriptions and circulate them to potential candidates. Please welcome Brad and Gerry by taking this Quick Question survey to give them your ideas for new guide topics and other changes you’d like to see. Once you’ve completed the poll, order a free guide on me!


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