Exciting news (did you hear?)

Did you hear our exciting news? Foundation Center and GuideStar joined forces to become Candid, a single nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing information and insights that can fuel deeper impact. Although we’ve always shared a commitment to the same values, becoming Candid will allow us to combine our knowledge and passions to start a new era—and allow us to do more than we could ever do apart.

Don’t fear: this news will not impact our current services on GrantCraft. My goal during this time is to make sure you get the same great experience you are accustomed to, and actually to double down on our commitment to ‘real talk’ throughout all of our content. Over the coming years, we’re anticipating a lot of big things that will directly benefit you and our other stakeholders. Personally, I’m thrilled by the possibility this evolution presents, not just for GrantCraft, but for how philanthropy might be positively influenced as well. By more seamlessly connecting troves of knowledge about nonprofits, grantmakers, and how funds flow, I believe we can push ourselves and our colleagues at all corners of this mission-driven sector to dream and act smarter.

Part of our mission at Candid is to have an open dialogue with our community. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and questions about this change, as your feedback is essential to improving our products and services.

You can visit candid.org to find out more. And we’re just an email or phone call away. (Seriously, email or tweet me directly if you’d like.)

Exciting news (did you hear?)


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