GrantCraft and Glasspockets Announce New Transparency Guide: Related Resources Available Online Starting Today!

(Jen Bokoff is the director of GrantCraft at the Foundation Center and is based in New York. You can follow her on Twitter: @jenbo1 and @grantcraft.)

Bokoff-150We are pleased to announce that GrantCraft, in partnership with Glasspockets, will release a guide about funder transparency in January 2014, and starting today we are offering a sneak preview of related podcasts, an infographic, and survey results. The podcasts feature 10 funders who were interviewed for the guide and who share thoughts on five topics related to funder transparency, including sharing grantee selection processes, strengthening the sector, and communicating using every opportunity. There is also a bonus podcast called Why Transparency? that makes the case for how transparency can help funders reach their potential. These podcasts are part of GrantCraft's initiative to branch out and create new multimedia content that brings the practical wisdom of funders to life, and part of the Glasspockets initiative to provide tools to encourage greater foundation transparency.


The infographic is a roadmap for your foundation to take steps towards transparency. Drawn by Zsofi Lang, it's also attractive enough to print out and hang by your desk as a reminder of how you can integrate different measures into your daily work. Finally we wanted to share the survey results, which include data from more than 700 GrantCraft community members worldwide who shared their observations and interests related to funder transparency.

GrantCraft is a joint service of the Foundation Center in New York and the European Foundation Centre in Brussels that taps the practical wisdom of funders to develop resources that improve the philanthropy sector. Register today to receive GrantCraft updates or to download free GrantCraft materials.

-- Jen Bokoff

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