Vlog from the Field Jen Bokoff interviews Tin Gazivoda (OSIFE)

In this video, we interview Tin Gazivoda, a senior program officer at Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) about a new participatory funding platform for and by European activists. This video is the first of many where Foundation Center staff who attend conferences will sit down with foundation leaders to dig into themes emerging throughout the conference program to learn from them. These vlogs (video blogs...we're Internet savvy now!) are meant to be unpolished and off-the-cuff to share out in real-time what we're learning and hearing in funder gatherings.

This video was recorded on the last day of the Edge Funders Alliance conference in Barcelona, which brought together funders and activists (and activist funders) to discuss reorganizing power for systems change.

As always, we welcome feedback on content, and since this is a pilot of a new format, email me anytime with feedback: [email protected]. (Just don't comment on my hair...the weather did not do good things!) And, if you have tips for Tin and his collaborators, please feel free to email me and I'll forward it to him. 

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Director of Stakeholder Engagement