Who Has Glass Pockets? Foundation Transparency Assessment

Does Your Foundation Have Glass Pockets?

Foundations differ in how they approach online transparency and accountability. The Foundation Center's Glasspockets service created the "Who Has Glass Pockets?" tool based on what we are seeing represented in current practice.

So far, we have identified 23 online transparency and accountability practices in areas including:

  • Basic Contact Information
  • Governance Policies & Information
  • HR/Staffing Policies & Information
  • Financial Information
  • Grantmaking Information
  • Performance Measurement

We are also tracking six types of online communication vehicles used by foundations. Together these indicators provide a snapshot of a foundation's "glass pockets." By completing your foundation's transparency profile, you can use it as a road map to discuss and implement other transparency practices at your foundation, and as a way to showcase to the field the work you are doing. You can also use the tool to learn from what peers are doing in terms of online information disclosure. 


In an era of fiscal restraint and increasing pressure on public spending, it is safe to assume that far more will be expected of foundations. Now, more than ever, foundations need to actively promote and communicate their efforts to policymakers, practitioners, the media, and a new generation increasingly engaged with the social sector.

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