Online Tools for Scanning

  • Philanthropy News Digest is a daily online news service dedicated to philanthropy. 
  • IssueLab archives, distributes, and promotes the extensive and diverse body of research being produced by the nonprofit sector. 
  • Nonprofit Collaboration Database is a repository of 650 real-life examples of how nonprofits are working together, drawn from entrants to the Lodestar Foundation’s Collaboration Prize competition.
  • TRASI is a searchable, expert-reviewed database of over 150 approaches to measuring the impact of social programs and investments.
  • Glasspockets highlights best practices in foundation transparency in an online world, including an extensive round-up of links to 18 different types of social media tools used by 1,300 foundations.
  • Custom web portals serve as dashboards for funder learning and collaboration and typically include data visualization tools; targeted news feeds, research, and tweets; and special features that support ongoing scanning on issues. Examples include Foundations for Education Excellence, for U.S. education donors, and WASHFunders, for donors focused on global water access, sanitation, and hygiene issues.

Takeaways are critical, bite-sized resources either excerpted from our guides or written by Candid Learning for Funders using the guide's research data or themes post-publication. Attribution is given if the takeaway is a quotation.

This takeaway was derived from Scanning the Landscape 2.0.