Growth Capital Networks

Growth Capital Networks - type of venture philanthropy that bring together investors — individual and institutional — to seek out proven organizations and fund major expansions. They typically involve a constantly shifting set of potential funders that could constitute a collaborative on any given deal, rather than a fixed set of funders focused on a specific initiative for a long period of time.

Example: The Growth Philanthropy Network (GPN) identifies and links nonprofits ready to expand to large-scale development with donors interested in supporting evidence-based programs with potential for greater impact. GPN helps raise capital to support nonprofits’ growth using a syndication model in which multiple funders come together and provide joint support of these efforts. Seeking to build a “growth capital marketplace” and the infrastructure to facilitate this collaboration on a grand scale, GPN has launched a member-driven web-based platform, Social Impact Exchange, for sharing knowledge and increasing investment in scaling effective solutions.

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