State of the Work 2014: Tackling the Tough Challenges to Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

D5′s 2014 State of the Work highlights new tools and resources, recently completed research, and new organizational approaches that can help foundations and philanthropic organizations take action, achieve their goals regarding DEI, and advance the common good. The 2014 State of the Work also features perspectives and analysis of three thought leaders on DEI issues and their charge to their peers in philanthropy: Ange-Marie Hancock, Associate Professor of Political Science and Gender Studies at the University of Southern California; Todd Vogel, the Managing Director of Loom; and Gerri Spilka, Founding Director of the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning.

The new report catalogs the progress D5 has made in laying the groundwork for a growing movement including several long-term projects that came to fruition in the past year:

  • An Analysis of Policies, Practices, and Programs for Advancing DEI. In fall 2013, D5 released a comprehensive scan and analysis of scores of written and web-based resources.
  • Deployment of a Regional Strategy. Recognizing that most philanthropy occurs on the local level, D5 complemented its national work by implementing a regional strategy, which targets DEI resources and support to pre-existing and emerging local networks in select regions of the country.
  • Insights on Diversity: Three Commissioned Research Projects. D5 commissioned a series of research projects to explore: 1) The role of leadership in advancing DEI; 2) Career pathways for people of color in philanthropy; 3) The interactive factors between philanthropy and nonprofit organizations.


Ange-Marie Hancock, Gerri Spilka, Todd Vogel, Paul Bachleitner


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