Rethinking Philanthropic Effectiveness

To date, there is no fully satisfactory "framework" or methodology for the analysis of philanthropy. While this absence provides foundation leadership with considerable latitude in which to shape organizational structure and strategy, it also gives rise to questions that every foundation must answer, or at least consider:

What are the major challenges facing philanthropy today? How do foundations perceive, assess and solve problems? How do they define best practices for management and evaluation? How can foundations increase their efficiency and effectiveness?

These are only some of the topics raised in Rethinking Philanthropic Effectiveness. The book is the distillation of the work carried out during a four-year project in which more than 60 outstanding and seasoned practitioners participated. The papers presented here are fully collaborative works, reflecting the input of a dynamic network of committed professionals.

While there are few "easy answers" presented in these pages, there are countless insights into the thorny questions with which philanthropy must grapple if it is truly to achieve its promise in the decades ahead.


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