Vision, energy, and improvisation are our power tools

My favorite three days since we moved into our new office space in New York was the annual Network Days conference, when more than 60 Funding Information Network supervisors gathered in person (with 150 more online) to connect, share, learn, build capacity, and influence the future of Foundation Center. I loved it because:

  • Strategies for outreach, training, and engagement were shared by my talented colleagues;
  • We hosted honest conversations about competing for funding in rural environments;
  • Our president Brad Smith delivered a keynote about how social sector leaders have vision, energy, and improvisation know-how;
  • The concept of fiscal sponsorship was demystified, especially for arts organizations; and
  • There was an increased vibrancy bouncing around the office, and the passion for advancing knowledge in the sector was palpable.

In the coming year, we hope to host more events to engage you — change makers in the field and our biggest champions — in new, meaningful ways. This year's Networks Days gave an energizing taste of what's to come, and, to pay homage, this newsletter features content on convening, connecting, and reflecting. (By the way, feel free to reach out to Kate Tkacik, manager of the Funding Information Network, for more information on that program if it intrigues you.)

On a separate note, Davis Winslow, GrantCraft's graduate student intern of the past year-and-a-half has graduated and moved on. We're thrilled that he's transitioned to a new role at Foundation Center in our Research department. Davis: You've been invaluable to this small-but-mighty team, and we're excited to collaborate with you as a full-time colleague in the years ahead.

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