Reinventing Philanthropy

Reinventors hosts a series of virtual roundtables over group video with innovators who can help figure out how to reinvent 20th-century systems to work in the 21st. Their most recent Google hangout on June 27th focused on the opportunity for fundamental reinvention in the field of philanthropy, and the five major forces – New Rules, New Resources, New Metrics, New Technologies and New Data – that could come together in an extraordinary alignment to create a distinctive, more effective form of 21st-century giving.

Katherine Fulton, President of the Monitor Institute (now part of Monitor Deloitte, post Monitor’s recent merger with Deloitte), and a leading authority on the future of Philanthropy, anchored this roundtable, which builds off of some of the themes she covered in a well-known TED talk in 2007.

For further information about this session check out the Twitter conversation #reinventors.

And, tweet your answer to this related question or leave it in the comments: What initiatives in philanthropy do you think are necessary to change the way we are tackling the mounting challenges of the 21st century?


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