New Video Series Launching Today

In partnership with Exponent Philanthropy, we're pleased to launch two videos today that were recorded to highlight the big impact that foundations of any size can make. This series will continue to be a fixture on GrantCraft in the year ahead. 

In these videos, Nancy Colina and Colleen O’Keefe graciously share their wisdom with us. 

Nancy is a trustee at the Colina Foundation in Michigan and shares her story about how a $750 grant for a zoo visit has systemically reduced bullying.

Colleen is the executive director at the Sauer Children's Renew Foundation in Minnesota and shares her story about capacity building to improve lives of the youngest children in transitional housing.

Here's how I suggest you use these and other videos on GrantCraft: Open a meeting with colleagues, your board, or even grantees with a relevant video that can spark conversation or a new way of thinking. Share your reactions and how it might apply to or inform your own work. 

Our GrantCraft resources are meant to inspire new, more strategic approaches to funders. These two funders and others who you will meet through this series have thoughtfully recognized and tackled a need in their community or an issue area. Every funding situation is unique, presenting its own challenges and opportunities. However, one of the best assets of a strategic funder is the ability to think through needs from multiple angles and use that thinking to make an informed judgement on how a foundation could best work towards a solution. By listening to other funders, we enhance our own abilities to think differently.

Want to share your story of impact? Submit a video of your own!

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