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You asked; we listened. Many of you shared that it would be great to know about the new content that is released on GrantCraft as soon as it comes out. We of course announce everything on our homepage and Twitter, and feature many new resources in our monthly newsletter (which you can get just by filling out a short, free registration), but for those of you who want updates in your inbox or RSS reader, you can now subscribe for free.

This new offering is a reflection of our improved website design. On the former site, we added new content much less regularly, and everything we did add was featured on the blog. With the new site design, the blog is just one of thirteen content types, and we're always adding new resources to each of them. To do a blog post about each new resource, especially when blogs are resources themselves, would be redundant and less helpful as you're navigating the site. So, to keep a pulse on our latest resources, we created an all-site feed so that you can view new content as soon as it's added in a place that's convenient for you. (You can also view the latest content by clicking the Most Recent content tab on the homepage.)

If you were already subscribed to our blog updates, we took a bet that you were subscribed to get the scoop on all things GrantCraft, and so we rolled over your feed subscription to all site content. If you truly just want to subscribe to the blog, we've kept that option on the subscription page and you can simply resubscribe. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

We're excited that we've gotten to a point where there's too much new content to announce in our newsletter alone. We don't add new resources just to say we're adding more; we believe that every item on our site will help to improve funder strategy by sparking conversation or lending an actionable tip. We hope you continue to learn and engage with us.

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