New Chapter for GrantCraft

Over the last several years, GrantCraft has seen exciting changes and growth. We've expanded our audience to more than 60,000 visitors from 140 countries annually, translated select content into ten languages, developed infographics to spark colorful and productive conversations, increased our collection of guides, featured your perspectives in guest blog posts sourced from around the world, and shared your voices through topical podcasts.

Now, GrantCraft is embarking on a new chapter. After three years of being a collaborative project of the Foundation Center in New York and the European Foundation Centre in Brussels, GrantCraft will continue to grow as a global resource managed solely by the Foundation Center beginning April 1. The European Foundation Centre has decided to focus their resources on face-to-face learning programs specifically targeted to their members, and we mutually agreed that GrantCraft integrates seamlessly into the Foundation Center's efforts to empower donors with knowledge tools.

The collaboration has been incredibly valuable for the development of GrantCraft's content and audience. Together, we were able to significantly grow readership and global engagement around our resources, and discover how topics in philanthropy are discussed and framed differently in various contexts. Additionally, we built on the strong foundation laid by the Ford Foundation to add new resources in diverse formats. More broadly, working together allowed us to learn about the strengths, challenges, and best practices of a transatlantic partnership. For instance, we have been able to reflect on why business models matter and how positive relationships are at the core of every strong collaboration. In the vein of transparency, we hope you will take five minutes to read more in a recent article in Alliance Magazine, "Lessons from a transatlantic partnership," co-authored by the Foundation Center's president Brad Smith and the European Foundation Centre's president Gerry Salole. In the article, Brad and Gerry take an honest look at our cross-continental collaboration and share important perspective on GrantCraft's past, present, and future.

Rosien Herweijer, the director of GrantCraft at the European Foundation Centre, has added tremendously to GrantCraft's legacy and will be very much missed. The Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre will continue to collaborate on other projects and be mutually supportive on publicly-available initiatives, including GrantCraft.

We're excited for what lies ahead. Our GrantCraft community is an incredible source of wisdom and learning, and a new web site set for release later this year will allow you to engage more dynamically with our free resources and each other. We will also continue to develop more original content, feature more funder voices from around the world,  integrate other Foundation Center publications and tools, and curate relevant content from other philanthropy organizations. Jen Bokoff will continue as the director of GrantCraft at the Foundation Center as part of the Strategic Philanthropy team led by Lisa Philp. Please contact Jen with any questions at j[email protected].

There are many exciting projects in the pipeline for GrantCraft, so stay tuned in the coming months for ways to continue accessing resources for free and to contribute to our growing database of content.


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