Last call for webinar registration: Join the Demographics via Candid movement

Comprehensive and public data on demographics is foundational to our sector’s work on racial equity. But the need for it results in many requests for this information, in different ways, from various funders. The result is a huge burden on nonprofits to collect and provide this data, taking valuable time away from their crucial mission-driven work.  

Demographics via Candid empowers nonprofits to share vital information about their work one time (Data1x) on their Candid profile where it can be deployed as needed to funders, philanthropy-serving organizations, researchers, and other stakeholders across the field.   

Learn more about Demographics via Candid and how you can participate by registering for the official, online public launch event, Demographics via Candid: Join the movement, on February 14 at 2 p.m. ET.  

Join us to:  

  • Find out what data is available and the questions we can (and can’t) answer with this data.  
  • Hear how leaders in the field are using demographic data and the challenges we face to make sense of it all without a standardized format.  
  • Learn how you can join the movement and get a baseline report on your grantees’ and members’ demographic data.  

For more information, read Candid’s blog introducing Demographics via Candid and join us on February 14 at 2 p.m. ET