Climate justice in the field: An interview with the Hive Fund

With the climate crisis making headlines every day, the urgency of tackling this issue is clear. But for many in philanthropy, finding solutions to its complexity and enormity can feel overwhelming and uncertain. Without an understanding of how to begin creating equitable strategies to address its impacts, many funders are hesitant to even engage. But it does not have to be that way.

Candid’s comprehensive guide, Centering equity and justice in climate philanthropy, details approaches that have worked for experienced funders, including how intermediaries can help funders get started and make progress.

Recently we interviewed Erin Rogers, co-director of the Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice, one of the intermediaries featured in the guide, to share insights from the Hive Fund’s work supporting groups—many of whom have been historically overlooked by funders—that are playing impactful roles in scaling back dirty energy and speeding an equitable transition to clean, renewable energy.


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Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice

Senior Director of Learning Experience