Participatory Grantmaking

Funders are increasingly looking to engage the communities they serve in the grantmaking process, but there are few resources about how to do so. This suite of GrantCraft resources addresses this gap by exploring the what, how, and why of participatory grantmaking—an approach to philanthropy that cedes decision-making authority to the very communities affected by funding decisions. The guide, Deciding Together: Shifting Power and Resources Through Participatory Grantmaking, features insight from a variety of participatory grantmakers and shares the benefits, challenges, and strategies for engaging in this practice. To complement the guide, we’ve collected detailed descriptions of how a few funders are engaging in this practice (the ‘mechanics’), videos of practitioners answering commonly asked questions, a collection of other online media produced on this topic, and blog posts. For published resources on participatory grantmaking, visit the collection on IssueLab at Learn from funders that have shifted power about strategies to consider, the right questions to ask, and how this approach has opened doors to greater impact.

This is a living, growing suite of resources—so if you have something to add to the conversation, whether it be a blog post, report, video, or another form of insight, reach out to us at [email protected].

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