Share Your Wisdom

GrantCraft resources are based in funders’ wisdom. If you’re not a funder, contact us at [email protected] to share any of the following with us:

  • Blog Post: We invite you to share your take on any topic related to your foundation specifically or to philanthropy more broadly on our blog. Blog posts should be 800-1200 words, offer specific examples, and be of a personal, not third party, perspective. Read the full guidelines for blog submissions.
  • Case Study: Case studies explore the common, practical problems that funders face, outline questions and challenges, and provide fodder for conversation among peers. Each case study should include clear context, a description of relevant details, outcomes, and learnings based on something your foundation did and learned from. Submit either a completed case study (800-2,000 words) or a brief concept if you’d like feedback on your idea before writing. Case studies can also be submitted as a podcast or video (see below).
  • Event: If you are hosting a free and open event relevant to funders anywhere in the world, please share details of the event and how to register. If you are an organization with an ongoing stream of events, contact us to discuss how GrantCraft could feature your events periodically.
  • Guide: GrantCraft guides are narratives strictly derived from funder wisdom on a specific topic. If you are currently engaged in research and are interested in exploring publishing a GrantCraft guide, please share a description of your work and a writing sample. We’ll be in touch if we think there is a good fit, but we can take on only a limited number of guides annually.
  • Infographic: GrantCraft infographics are based on research and communicate some aspect of the wisdom of funders. If you have an infographic that you would like to share on GrantCraft, please send the infographic — along with a brief description and the methodology you used — for consideration.
  • Podcast: If you would like to invite GrantCraft to participate in your podcast, or would like to share an audio clip of one to five minutes of a funder discussing an experience or philosophy that drives their grantmaking, please send a brief description and upload the sound file in .wav form. Sample prompts are included with videos, below.
  • Tool: GrantCraft tools are designed to help funders solve issues ranging from developing personal strategy to determining how racially inclusive a portfolio is. If you have a tool that you’d like to share at GrantCraft, please paste here in full.
  • Translation(s): If you are interested in translating any GrantCraft resource, please let us know what resource(s) you’re interested in translating and into what language. Please also provide a brief summary of your other translation experience.
  • Video: GrantCraft videos answer a single question or prompt related to grantmaking and are 30 seconds to 2 minutes long. Submit your video in an editable format compressed into a .zip file. Examples of questions and prompts:  
    • A time when we explored evaluation metrics was…
    • A time when we amicably parted ways with a grantee was…
    • A way in which we have convened grantees was…
    • Sharing grants data is important because…
    • What is an innovative transparency effort that you have seen?
    • What is an “aha” moment that you have had?