Blueprint 2017 Worksheet 3: Digital Data and Strategic Planning

Digital Data and Strategic Planning—Help your organization consider whether you have the digital data you need to achieve your mission and integrate your digital resources into your overall strategic planning.

Worksheets: Data, Governance, and Your Organization

Many of the ideas in this Blueprint have been tested and refined in conversations and workshops around the world over the last few years. To help you carry the ideas into your organization, this next section includes three worksheets that you can use with your colleagues, boards of directors, or other groups. 

Each worksheet is intended to stand alone, but they also build on each other. They focus on the use and governance of digital data in your organization. You can find additional tools to address these issues at Anyone can use these worksheets, from new staff to senior board members. You will be the best judge of how to use them at your organization. We’ve offered up directions on each sheet, but you should decide whether to use them independently or together, as part of a self-directed process or integrated into other planning efforts, led by you or with consultant help. Please use, modify, and improve these worksheets as you see fit. We welcome you to pay it forward by sharing your process and the worksheets you modify at

General Worksheet Instructions:

● Communicate with your colleagues what you’re doing and why. 

● Make it as easy as possible for your colleagues to participate. 

Try short and simple asks. Spread out the tasks from the worksheets to fit the schedule of your organization. 
Printed sheets may work best in some cases. For others an online spreadsheet that people can collaborate on might work better. Experiment!

● If you are engaged in strategic planning with a consultant or advisory group, fold the questions from these worksheets into that process. 

● Share what you learn and how you did it on

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