Three Approaches to Managing a Competition

  1. Internally managed, or “in-house” competitions, in which grantmaking staff oversee the entire process, from creation of the Request for Proposals to final selection of grantees, potentially with the assistance of consultants, and typically using a selection panel of outside experts to assist in grant decisions.
  2. Externally managed competitions, in which an intermediary organization is selected to administer the competition with significant input by the grantmaker around design of the RFP, composition of the selection panel, and selection criteria. The grants are made to the competition winners by the grantmaker or by the intermediary.
  3. Grantee-originated competitions, in which the grantee is independently responsible for designing and administering the competition, with funding and some input from the grantmaker around selection criteria. The intermediary makes the grants to the competition winners from a fund established for this purpose.

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