The Grantmaker’s Role in Community Organizing

  • Advocate - Make the case for supporting a grantee or a line of work
  • Bridge builder - Make it possible for strange or unlikely partners to work together
  • Connector - Link grantees to one another or to others to maximize outcomes
  • Critical friend - Give honest critique without smashing hopes or undermining confidence
  • Facilitator - Lead or coordinate the work of a group to get ideas on the table or to get things moving
  • Fundraiser - Help grantees raise money from other foundations and donors
  • Idea mover - Take a leap with new ideas or people in a field or community or inside the foundation
  • Sounding board - Listen actively for ideas, opinions, and points of view
  • Strategist - Create and sell a long-term plan of action to achieve a particular grantmaking goal
  • Translator - Help internal leadership understand what’s happening in a field or community and vice versa
  • Validator - Affirm good work by grantees and others in the field
  • Voice amplifier - Find and support people at the margins of a field or community

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This takeaway was derived from Funding Community Organizing.