Healthy Nonprofit Checklist New York Foundation

Program staff use this list to guide conversations with grantees — especially new nonprofits — about their organizational growth and development as the foundation’s exit approaches.


  • The board of directors meets regularly, has a plan for recruitment of new members, has expanded from the original founding board, and has brought in a range of expertise

  • The board of directors participates in setting the direction of the organization and evaluating its progress

  • The board of directors holds the director accountable for his/her performance


  • Staff have a clear sense of what they want to accomplish and a method for collecting data that chart progress

  • The program has evolved and adapted to changes in the environment; a flexible program design ensures work remains relevant and effective

  • The organization has developed partnerships with similar or related programs


  • The staff can realistically manage the work that needs to be done in a reasonable timeframe

  • The organization is able to recruit and maintain staff n Internal procedures are in place to manage work flow and evaluate staff

Racial and Gender Equity:

  • Commitments to racial and gender equity are reflected in the organization's leadership, staffing, and activities

  • The organization monitors the diversity of its board and staff and takes appropriate steps to increase it


  • Our grant represents a decreasing percentage of the overall budget over time

  • Funding has expanded to a variety of sources

  • The organization has a long-term fundraising plan

  • The board understands the organization’s resource needs and is engaged in fundraising

Management systems:

  • The budget is developed and reviewed by staff and board; staff and board review financial reports

  • The organization has internal financial controls for check writing, deposits, reconciliations, etc.

External communications:

  • The organization’s mission and message are clearly articulated

  • The organization’s website, brochures, newsletters, and reports are accurate, effective, and up to date

  • The organization has increased its credibility and distinction in multiple arenas

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This takeaway was derived from The Effective Exit.