Gender Analysis

Doing gender analysis is not just about improving efficiency and effectiveness, it is also about ensuring that a foundation’s projects and programmes do not end up unintentionally reinforcing stereotypes, attitudes, or practices that can result in discrimination against women, girls, and trans people. Applying a gender lens can expose the extent to which a foundation’s focus issues and programme areas effectively address gender – even issues such as the environment, democracy, civil society, human rights, security, and science, which may not bring gender to mind for everyone. It helps foundations foster consistency across their funding portfolios, ensuring that their work is broadly inclusive of women and girls, while also taking into account the specific needs of men and boys.

Takeaways are critical, bite-sized resources either excerpted from our guides or written by Candid Learning for Funders using the guide's research data or themes post-publication. Attribution is given if the takeaway is a quotation.

This takeaway was derived from Funding for Inclusion.