Evaluating Communications

Three pieces of practical advice for evaluating communications work:

  1. Define success up front — and it has to include numbers.

  2. Put measurements in place, so you’re actually able to measure for it. (i.e., Determine how many people and who received the communication - at issue here is not just the number of people who receive a given communication, but whether or not they can make a difference in effecting the desired change. Were they the audience you were trying to reach, as laid out in your objectives? A stop-smoking ad campaign may reach a million people, but the only ones who matter are smokers and the people who influence them.)

  3. Look at it regularly. Some of your metrics are going to be off, for whatever reason — you picked the wrong channel to motivate people, the wrong message, the wrong messenger — and you’ll want to be able to make mid-course corrections

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