Additional Resources: Personal Strategy

The organizations below offer education, training, and consulting services that are informed by role concepts. All contributed to GrantCraft’s workshops on role and this guide:

  • CFAR — a management consulting firm specializing in strategy and organizational development in the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. CFAR’s consulting, publications, and teaching incorporate role concepts as resources for diagnosing and improving organizational performance.
  • Learning as Leadership — a leadership development organization serving the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors with intensive workshops aimed at helping leaders understand how to bring their selves to their roles more productively. Among their many tools is the “desired and dreaded images” audit included in the techniques section of this guide.
  • The William Alanson White Institute – Organization Program — a professional development program that uses role concepts to help participants – including executives managing change, organizational consultants, and human resource professionals – understand how organizational dynamics affect organizational performance.

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