Additional Resources – Collaborative Inquiry

Online Sources

  • The research page from the Web site of Leadership for a Changing World, a program that is employing collaborative inquiry as one of its research techniques. The research team, led by Sonia Ospina, is based at New York University.
  • New Paradigm is a portal to many resources on appreciative inquiry, a collaborative inquiry approach based on the premise that people and organizations “change in the direction in which they inquire.”


  • Action and Knowledge: Breaking the Monopoly with Participatory Research by Orlando Fals-Borda and Mohammad Anisur Rahman (Apex Press, 1991).
  • Collaborative Inquiry in Practice: Action, Reflection, and Making Meaning by John N. Bray, Linda L. Smith, Joyce Lee, and Lyle Yorks (Sage Publications, 2002).
  • Utilization-Focused Evaluation: The New Century Text by Michael Quinn Patton (Sage Publications, 1996).

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