IssueLab Special Collection: Race and Policing

Again and again the data show that people of color in the U.S. are being disproportionately, and systematically, stopped, frisked, arrested, and exposed to the use of force by police. 

Across the country, police departments and communities are struggling with these realities and with what has become a glaring divide in how Americans experience and relate to policing.

This special collection includes research from nonprofits, foundations, and university based research centers across the U.S., who are taking a closer look at evidence about racial bias in stop and frisk policies, traffic stops, and the use of force, as well as at data about differing perceptions of policing. They also provide much-needed recommendations for addressing this chronic and tragic problem, including: how to restore trust between police and the community, the efficacy of body cameras, and the need for more accurate and comparable data that can be used to hold police departments to account.