Funding for Global Human Rights Increased by 13 Percent in 2018, But Troubling Funding Disparities Persist

New York, NY—July 21, 2021. In the wake of recent global events–from a pandemic to racial justice protests—2018 might feel like a world away. Yet, data from 2018—the latest year for which complete funding data is available—shows that many of the human rights issues people currently face grew out of this context.

HRFN director of research initiatives Rachel Thomas says, “This research sheds light on the largely opaque field of philanthropy. It helps us identify funding gaps, shows whether practices match aspirations, and confirms the extent to which grant dollars are reaching those at the forefront of human rights struggles who need them the most. The findings are a tool to help funders fund better and support human rights movements in achieving their goals.”

Advancing Human Rights: Annual Review of Global Foundation Grantmaking – 2018 Key Findings is available at Visit to access additional resources and learn more about human rights funding.