Candid Launches New Dashboard to Demystify the U.S. Social Sector

New York, NY—October 20, 2021. Candid released today the U.S. Social Sector Dashboard to help people better understand the U.S. social sector. This free resource provides data to explain the sector’s scope, constraints, and potential.

The U.S. social sector’s significant—and surprising—reach  

  • There are 1,812,815 nonprofits in the United States. Of the total U.S. nonprofits, 1.3 million are 501(c)(3) public charities, and 126K are 501(c)(3) private and community foundations.
  • The U.S. social sector employs more than 12 million people.
  • U.S. nonprofits have $3.7 trillion in aggregate annual revenue and $2.9 trillion in aggregate expenses.