Participatory Methods Toolkit: A practitioner’s manual

To facilitate practical knowledge sharing, the King Baudouin Foundation and the Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment (viWTA), both based in Brussels and actively involved in participatory methods, decided to edit a publication with the ambition to create a hands-on toolkit for starting up and managing participatory projects.

The original English edition of the toolkit first appeared in December 2003. The success of this edition motivated us to produce a second completely revised and enlarged edition of the toolkit. The core of the toolkit incorporates 3 additional in-depth fiches on participatory methods giving a total of 13.

Per method there is a description of when to use, the different steps, best practices and budget. All these are accompanied by different hints and tips. A chapter with general guidelines for using participatory methods includes a comparative chart of the discussed methods and the brief overview of 50 methods and techniques.


Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, Sara Heesterbeek, Nikki Slocum, Janice Elliott


King Baudouin Foundation, Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment