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With the presidential election here in the U.S. on the horizon and elevated debate about various political and social issues, let's pause to think about what's happening behind the scenes. We see well-crafted headlines, poignant statistics, perfectly-timed cartoons, and participatory online campaigns, but what we don't always directly see is the fierce social organizing that goes into this public-facing discourse. Philanthropy plays a critical role in supporting the capacity of people of all beliefs to express and advocate for their perspectives, and to build solutions to longstanding problems. 

GrantCraft's new publication in partnership with The GovLab is all about how government agencies are starting to take innovative approaches to the grantmaking process through transparent practices, and democratizing how public resources can be distributed for change. The blog series we started mid-September highlights effective philanthropy around the world tied to peace and justice. And the first in Foundation Center's new democracy-focused infographic series shows where foundation funding is flowing to get out the vote. These resources and others are featured below, and highlight smart strategies and practices tied to democracy that enable people to improve their communities.

Despite the sometimes mind-numbing news cycle, I'm heartened by the work and process that happens behind the scenes to enable discourse and action. So, vote for enabling action by allocating your available grant funds democratically and strategically! (You didn't think we'd actually endorse a candidate, did you?!)

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