NEW PAPER! Stop what you’re doing and read up!

Over the last eight months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with the team at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors led by Melissa Berman, Jason Franklin (from the Johnson Center for Family Philanthropy), and consultant Dara Major to bring you our newest Leadership Series paper launching today: Frameworks for Private Foundations: A New Model for Impact.

Together with these authors, we’ve explored the core components that structure and shape the work of private foundations, and learned from funders why reflecting on these components matters. As with all GrantCraft content—from our videos to blog posts to infographics—this paper aims to translate theory into practice by offering examples from foundations, discussion questions, and suggested actions for advancing thinking around this topic in your own work. Our Leadership Series papers are not meant to give instructions or prescribe solutions; rather they are intended to spark ideas, stimulate discussion, and suggest possibilities. In that vein, we can’t wait to hear what ideas, questions, conversations, and actions this paper ignites for you and your team. As always, we invite you to share your wisdom with our audience, or to email me directly with your thoughts.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: This is the last official month that my colleague Erin Nylen-Wysocki will be the behind-the-scenes author of this newsletter and primary GrantCraft staff support, as she will officially start a new role at Foundation Center as the manager of stakeholder engagement. Erin has been an absolute delight to work with, and I know many of you have had the pleasure of working with her on sharing your own resources and wisdom through our platform as well. In her 4+ years supporting GrantCraft, she has been crucial to our website redesign and upkeep, editing guides and other resources, managing our Twitter presence, keeping me on task, and so much more! I have learned an immense amount from her and am truly grateful for how she has helped us evolve our efforts to strengthen your work. Please join me in thanking Erin for her dedication to GrantCraft, and wish her luck in her new role. (She’ll write this letter next month to share some of her own reflections, so this won’t be the last you hear from her!)

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