Movement Movement Everywhere!

I'm writing from my new desk in Foundation Center's new home overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge in lower Manhattan. New homes come with exciting changes, and I am thrilled to tell you about some of ours.

  • Our New York-based team of 147, previously spread across three separate floors, is now together in an open office with glass-walled meeting rooms to foster collaboration, connection, and free-flowing ideas.
  • Our library is evolving into a cafe-style hub where new classes and technology are making our resources and staff more accessible — in person and virtually — than ever before.
  • Our technology upgrades, staff expertise, and social sector support are enabling us to innovate faster and deliver a dynamic suite of knowledge services that support smarter philanthropy.

For those of you who know me — and for those who read these monthly letters — you know this simple, unabashed truth: I love my job. I love working for an organization that's on the forefront of sector-wide conversations. I love being a part of an incredibly talented team of data wizards, accomplished researchers, dynamic strategists, tech ninjas, and engaging librarians. I love it when I see our tools and resources spark informed investments, inspired approaches, and quality program designs that effect positive change in communities around the world.

Foundation Center was built on the principles of philanthropic transparency and public access in 1956. While transparency and access are still at our core, we're also constantly evolving to meet the needs and advance the efforts of each of you working to make the world a better place.

P.S. We're celebrating our move with a GrantCraft guide giveaway! If you can use and/or freely distribute copies of printed guides, please click here.

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